Canberra Social Network provides a variety of services to the local public and business community. Use the following menu to explore our services.

Community services

Canberra Social Network
Matrix Online Chat
Canberra Social Network is our premier Facebook-like social networking platform. Join our friendly community for groups, discussions and blogs. We promise never to sell your information to any third parties.
Matrix is an online chat network. Our web interface allows you to create an account and join chat groups hosted on any Matrix server on the internet.
Mastodon is a federated social network similar to Twitter and Parler where you can post short messages and photos. Our Mastodon server is connected to thousands of other instances around the world. Post publicly or use the privacy settings to control who can see your posts.
Admin: Mark M
Admin: @Korsier

Business services

COVID19 Contactless Checkin
Mastodon Relay
COVID19 Contactless Checkin from Canberra Social Network gives businesses a way to meet their COVID19 contact tracing obligations without the hassle of pens and paper. It's hygenic and simple, and your contact tracing data is safely stored in Australia and available if needed. The service is provided free to businesses in Australia. We do not sell your data or use it for marketing.
A free speech fediverse relay. All free speech fediverse instances are welcome to federate with our relay.